This is an archive of the 2015 incarnation of Segfault.

Segfault has been rebooted as a podcast about Computer Science research. New episodes are available at under the banner of Honesty Is Best.


A podcast about technology, politics, and the coming robot apocalypse.

Created by Soham Sankaran and Eric Lu, for better or for worse.


We shoot the shit about this brave new world into which we were all once shat without our consent.

Common topics include cybersecurity, robotics, new programming paradigms, freedom of speech, and how politics is more broken than M.C. Escher's mind.

Listen to us riff on the mic right here.


Episode #0: No Such Agency

Soham and Eric talk about encryption, government surveillance, the recent SSL/TLS exploit and the Office of Personnel management hack on the first ever episode of Segfault.

Episode #1: Taylor Swift vs. the World

Soham and Eric reunite after one year apart to talk about copyright law, the DMCA, and why Taylor Swift is evil.

Episode #2: Eric Lu is President

Soham and Eric shoot the shit about the state of democracy in the world, the tragedy of the Turkish coup, and a future dystopia where Eric Lu is president. Eric Lu might be cruel, but he still make 'em clap to this.

Episode #3: Worse is Better

Soham and Eric disagree on whether worse is better, and then things spiral out of control.


Straight outta Thousand Oaks (kinda close to Compton, -ish, same state at least, but who are we kidding anywhere in cali is 3 hours away from anywhere else literally holy fuck)
and Mumbai, India.